Official Chartered State Affiliate for the

The Missouri Society for Respiratory Care

Personalized Missouri Respiratory Therapist RT Strong license plates are available to those who contribute $25 annually to the MSRCs license plate program. Proceeds support the MSRC Mission which includes raising public awareness of respiratory care, the MSRC, pulmonary health promotion and disease prevention. 

  • Plates can be ordered at any time, regardless of your current plate’s expiration date.

  • Personalized State of Missouri plates may contain up to six characters plus a dash, hyphen or apostrophe.

  • Missouri RT Strong plates are currently available for vehicles registered in Missouri 

  • THE DEADLINE FOR THE MSRC TO ACCEPT ORDERS HAS BEEN EXTENDED (Announcement coming soon.)  (Orders received in the mail must be postmarked by this date).   

To apply for MSRC plates Online:

Please follow the instructions below to order your specialty license plate: 

1.  Complete the Missouri Department of Revenue’s application for Specialty and                                     Personalized Specialty License Plate  
here.  (Form 1716).  Make sure to select “Other” and           free type "Missouri Society for Respiratory Care” on Step 2.  Print and Save to a safe                       location on your computer.  

  • Fill out the remainder of the application. (You must include which DMV office you want to pick up your plates from. Click here for a list of DMV locations and numbers.)
  • Email signed copy to

2.  Complete Emblem Use Authorization Statement here (EUAS).  & Make Payment

Your EUAS, or Emblem Use Authorization Statement, is proof that you’ve contributed to the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care License Plate program and are eligible to display the Missouri Respiratory Therapists RT STRONG logo on your custom plates.​

3.  Make payment to the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care.

  • For a 1-year registration, the amount is $40 (includes $25 donation to the MSRC and $15 application fee to the DMV).
  • For a 2-year registration, the amount is $65 (includes $50 donation to the MSRC and $15 application fee to the DMV). 

  • The MSRC will turn in your application and payment of $40 or $65, the EUAS and Plate Applicate forms to the DMV on your behalf. This is the process that we are required to follow for a minimum of  200 applications.
  • If you would like to order plates for more than one vehicle, please fill an EUAS form and form 1716 for each vehicle, along with a separate fee for both. ($40 each or $65 each).


Applications postmarked after TBA may not be processed by the MSRC.  Additional payment methods and responsibility to turn in all forms will be turned over to the individual wishing to obtain the specialty plates.  Further information on this process will be forthcoming.

Once completed, your plates will be available for pickup at the license office designated on your application. The Missouri Department of Revenue will send a mailed notice when your plates are ready; for updates on your application or order status, contact them at or (573) 526-3669.

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