The Missouri Society for Respiratory Care

"The Student Liaison program is a vital part to the success of the M.S.R.C.  Engaging, developing, and mentoring these young professionals is really the key to maintaining any type of solvency and future as a profession.  It is an investment in the future or the organization and ensures we have strong leaders for years to come." 

-G.W. Hamilton, Former M.S.R.C. President 

Past Student Liaisons

Each year, the M.S.R.C. holds an application process to seat 2 Missouri Respiratory Care program students to hold non-voting positions on the M.S.R.C. Board of Directors.  This program was one of the first of its kind in the country & shows how proud we are of the students our state produces.  As a large block of our membership, students were often left out of important advocacy and strategic initiatives the M.S.R.C. focuses on. We started this program to bridge that gap and it has been wildly successful.  Each year, the student liaison's actively participate with the M.S.R.C. Board of Directors to plan and implement our mission and goals throughout the state.   In addition, they get the opportunity to attend both House of Delegates meetings in conjunction with the AARC national meetings and get a sense of how the organization operates and shapes the future of Respiratory Care.    

2019-2020    Bethany Patterson

2019-2020    Brittany Schooley

2018-2019    Min Au Yong

2018-2019     Allison Toney

2016-2017    Cali Knepp

2016-2017     Yvonne Chang

2015-2016  Megan Covert      

​2015-2016   Diana DiCaro

​2014 - 2015  Kelley Schaller

2014 - 2015   Stephanie Daniels

2013 – 2014   Amanda Dodd

2013 – 2014    Kristie McCoy 
 2012 – 2013    Jillian Kingsbury
 2011 – 2012    Wendy Cope 
2011 – 2012     Ivan Lee

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